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Mankind's constant effort to satisfy his curiosity and five senses has resulted in civilization and immense prosperity in technology. Now we are able to enjoy the outcomes of civilization that our ancestors had never dreamed of. Still, the desire of mankind is continuously growing and it is now reaching out of the stage where just eliminating inconvenience or solving problems is not an issue any more. Territories that are new to human reach are being pursued. For example, televisions, videos, cellular phones, notebook PCs and many other instruments are steadily improved with the goal to reproduce true natural color and sound.

To fulfill the dream of reproducing true natural color that current LCDs have not actualized, NeoView Kolon has developed and is producing an innovative OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display. OLED exceeds existing LCDs and other display instruments in quality, luminosity, resolution, field of vision, response performance, and power consumption. Unfortunately a few technical difficulties are hindering the wider use of OLED at the present time. NeoView Kolon is overcoming these technical difficulties and is obtaining all technologies and systems needed for mass-producing OLED. With the base of devoted researchers and engineers whose focus have been OLED only, unique equipment, and know-how, it intends to provide highly reliable OLED products at competitive price.

NeoView Kolon is about to produce mono/multi and full-color panels for cellular phones in passive matrix mode by using already developed 4'' full-color panel technology and supplying them to clients in the latter half of this year. It is also arranging to supply panels for PDAs and developing panels in active matrix mode as well.


NeoView Kolon does not limit itself to OLED. It has a larger vision of reproducing true natural color in almost anything. With the vision at heart, it is challenging OLED first. To obtain true natural color in OLED is still out of reach, but it moves at least one step closer to the actualization of the true color.

NeoView Kolon will move closer to the natural color actualization, and seeks our reason of existence through customer satisfaction, affection and senses. So, NeoView Kolon wants to be remembered as a pioneer in An era of Progress in Display.